YAC/STS map across 12 Mb of Xq27 at 25-kb resolution, merging Xq26-qter

Ileana Zucchi, Steven Mumm, Giuseppe Pilia, Sandra Macmillan, Rolland Reinbold, Lucia Susani, Jean Weissenbach, David Schlessinger

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A 12-Mb YAC contig has been assembled spanning the Xq27 cytogenetic band with 203 YACs, 121 STSs, and >300 hybridization probes to a resolution of 25 kb. At its centromeric end, the contig is merged with a 9-Mb contig covering Xq26.1-q26.3 at a point 1 Mb telomeric to the factor IX gene; at its telomeric end, it is merged to 7.5 Mb of contigs from the IDS gene to the Xq28 telomere. Thus, the distal 29 Mb of the Xq arm is available cloned in long-range contiguity. The physical map has been integrated with current genetic data by the localization of 18 markers that detect polymorphism. Apparent recombination levels reach >4.5 cM/Mb near the centromeric border of Xq27. The ratio of cM/Mb correspondingly delimits the location of several disease genes-including, for example, X-linked hypoparathyroidism in 3 Mb (6 cM) telomeric to Factor IX.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-54
Number of pages13
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 15 1996


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