Wide-field lensless fluorescent microscopy using a tapered fiber-optic faceplate on a chip

Ahmet F. Coskun, Ikbal Sencan, Ting Wei Su, Aydogan Ozcan

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We demonstrate lensless fluorescent microscopy over a large field-of-view of ∼60 mm2 with a spatial resolution of <4 m. In this on-chip fluorescent imaging modality, the samples are placed on a fiber-optic faceplate that is tapered such that the density of the fiber-optic waveguides on the top facet is >5 fold larger than the bottom one. Placed on this tapered faceplate, the fluorescent samples are pumped from the side through a glass hemisphere interface. After excitation of the samples, the pump light is rejected through total internal reflection that occurs at the bottom facet of the sample substrate. The fluorescent emission from the sample is then collected by the smaller end of the tapered faceplate and is delivered to an opto-electronic sensor-array to be digitally sampled. Using a compressive sampling algorithm, we decode these raw lensfree images to validate the resolution (<4 m) of this on-chip fluorescent imaging platform using microparticles as well as labeled Giardia muris cysts. This wide-field lensfree fluorescent microscopy platform, being compact and high-throughput, might provide a valuable tool especially for cytometry, rare cell analysis (involving large area microfluidic systems) as well as for microarray imaging applications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3512-3518
Number of pages7
Issue number17
StatePublished - Sep 7 2011


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