Vitamin D Treatment Prevents Uremia-Induced Reductions in Aortic microRNA-145 Attenuating Osteogenic Differentiation despite Hyperphosphatemia

Natalia Carrillo-lópez, Sara Panizo, Maria Vittoria Arcidiacono, Sandra de la Fuente, Laura Martínez-arias, Emerenziana Ottaviano, Catalina Ulloa, María Piedad Ruiz-torres, Isabel Rodríguez, Jorge B. Cannata-andía, Manuel Naves-díaz, Adriana S. Dusso

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In chronic kidney disease, systemic inflammation and high serum phosphate (P) promote the de-differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) to osteoblast-like cells, increasing the propensity for medial calcification and cardiovascular mortality. Vascular microRNA-145 (miR-145) content is essential to maintain VSMC contractile phenotype. Because vitamin D induces aortic miR- 145, uremia and high serum P reduce it and miR-145 directly targets osteogenic osterix in osteoblasts, this study evaluated a potential causal link between vascular miR-145 reductions and osterixdriven osteogenic differentiation and its counter-regulation by vitamin D. Studies in aortic rings from normal rats and in the rat aortic VSMC line A7r5 exposed to calcifying conditions corroborated that miR-145 reductions were associated with decreases in contractile markers and increases in osteogenic differentiation and calcium (Ca) deposition. Furthermore, miR-145 silencing enhanced Ca deposition in A7r5 cells exposed to calcifying conditions, while miR-145 overexpression attenuated it, partly through increasing α-actin levels and reducing osterix-driven osteogenic differentiation. In mice, 14 weeks after the induction of renal mass reduction, both aortic miR-145 and α-actin mRNA decreased by 80% without significant elevations in osterix or Ca deposition. Vitamin D treatment from week 8 to 14 fully prevented the reductions in aortic miR-145 and attenuated by 50% the decreases in α-actin, despite uremia-induced hyperphosphatemia. In conclusion, vitamin D was able to prevent the reductions in aortic miR-145 and α-actin content induced by uremia, reducing the alterations in vascular contractility and osteogenic differentiation despite hyperphosphatemia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2589
Issue number13
StatePublished - Jul 1 2022


  • osteogenic differentiation
  • osterix
  • runx2
  • vascular injury
  • vitamin D
  • α-actin


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