Understanding and Application of Daptomycin-Susceptible Dose-Dependent Category for Enterococcus: A Mixed-Methods Study

Jennifer L. Adema, Laurel N. Lake, Ryan W. Stevens, Breann M. Hogan, Audrey N. Schuetz, Aaron J. Tande, Kristin C. Mara, Allison R. Eberly, Christina G. Rivera

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Background: In 2018, the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at our institution adopted updated daptomycin Enterococcus-susceptible dose-dependent breakpoints. While the introduction of susceptible dose-dependent (SDD) was intended to guide practice toward optimal dosing, the understanding and application of daptomycin SDD breakpoints for enterococci were unknown. Methods: This mixed-methods study combined a clinician survey with a retrospective pre-post prescribing analysis. An 8-question survey was distributed to infectious diseases (ID) and internal medicine (IM) clinicians. A retrospective chart review of hospitalized adults with infections due to Enterococcus spp. was conducted before (pre-SDD) and after (post-SDD) adoption of SDD reporting for enterococci. Results: Survey response rates were 40 of 98 (41%) for IM and 22 of 34 (65%) for ID clinicians. ID clinicians scored significantly higher than IM clinicians in knowledge of SDD. Chart review of 474 patients (225 pre- vs 249 post-SDD) showed that daptomycin dosage following susceptibility testing was significantly higher post-SDD compared with pre-SDD (8.5 mg/kg vs 6.4 mg/kg; P < .001) with no difference in empiric dosing (6.3 mg/kg vs 6.2 mg/kg; P = .67). Definitive daptomycin use varied between the pre- and post-SDD periods (35.1% vs 16.9%; P < .001). Conclusions: The survey revealed that ID clinicians placed more importance on and had more confidence in the SDD category over IM clinicians. SDD reporting was associated with a change in definitive daptomycin dosing. ID specialist involvement is recommended in the care of infections due to enterococci for which daptomycin is reported as SDD given their expertise.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberofab611
JournalOpen Forum Infectious Diseases
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2022


  • Enterococcus
  • antimicrobial stewardship
  • daptomycin
  • microbial sensitivity tests


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