Tratamento de prolapso da bolsa ileal com alça diatérmica endoscópica

Translated title of the contribution: Management of ileal pouch prolapse with endoscopic hot snare

Xian Rui Wu, Xiu Li Liu, Nan Lan, Bo Shen

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Pouch prolapse is a complication following the creation of restorative proctocolectomy. There is a paucity of information in the literature pertaining to its management. An ileal J pouch patient with dyschezia presented to our Pouch Center. Under sedation, pouchoscopy was performed with a gastroscope. We detected an anterior distal pouch mucosal prolapse, 1.5 cm in diameter, blocking the anal canal. The prolapsed mucosa was excised with hot snare under a retroflex view. There was no bleeding or perforation. The entire procedure took 25 minutes. The patient tolerated the procedure well and was discharged home 30 minutes after post-procedural observation. The patient reported the resolution of the dyschezia symptom. The histopathological examination of excised specimen showed small bowel mucosa and sub-mucosa with changes compatible with mucosal prolapse. Endoscopic hot snare appears to be feasible in the management of pouch mucosal prolapse.

Translated title of the contributionManagement of ileal pouch prolapse with endoscopic hot snare
Original languagePortuguese (Brazil)
Pages (from-to)92-94
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Coloproctology
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2013


  • Endoscopy
  • Hot snare
  • Ileal pouch anal anastomosis
  • Pouch prolapse


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