Transgenic plants expressing potato virus X ORF2 protein (p24) are resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and Ob tobamoviruses

X. Ares, G. Calamante, S. Cabral, J. Lodge, P. Hemenway, R. N. Beachy, A. Mentaberry

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The p24 protein, one of the three proteins implicated in local movement of potato virus X (PVX), was expressed in transgenic tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum Xanthi D8 NN). Plants with the highest level of p24 accumulation exhibited a stunted and slightly chlorotic phenotype. These transgenic plants facilitate the cell-to-cell movement of a mutant of PVX that contained a frameshift mutation in p24. Upon inoculation with tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), the size of necrotic local lesions was significantly smaller in p24+ plants than in nontransgenic, control plants. Systemic resistance to tobamoviruses was also evidenced after inoculation of p24+ plants with Ob, a virus that evades the hypersensitive response provided by the N gene. In the latter case, no systemic symptoms were observed, and virus accumulation remained low or undetectable by Western immunoblot analysis and back-inoculation assays. In contrast, no differences were observed in virus accumulation after inoculation with PVX, although more severe symptoms were evident on p24-expressing plants than on control plants. Similarly, infection assays conducted with potato virus Y showed no differences between control and transgenic plants. On the other hand, a considerable delay in virus accumulation and symptom development was observed when transgenic tobacco plants containing the movement protein (MP) of TMV were inoculated with PVX. Finally, a movement defective mutant of TMV was inoculated on p24+ plants or in mixed infections with PVX on nontransgenic plants. Both types of assays failed to produce TMV infections, implying that TMV MP is not interchangeable with the PVX MPs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)731-738
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of virology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 1998

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