Threshold evaluation for optimal number of endoscopic treatment sessions to achieve complete eradication of Barrett's metaplasia

Chetan Mittal, V. Raman Muthusamy, Violette C. Simon, Brian C. Brauer, Daniel K. Mullady, Thomas Hollander, Ian Sloan, Vladimir Kushnir, Dayna Early, Amit Rastogi, Hazem T. Hammad, Steven A. Edmundowicz, Samuel Han, Adarsh M. Thaker, Ezenwanyi Ezekwe, Sachin Wani, Mary J. Kwasny, Srinadh Komanduri

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Background Endoscopic eradication therapy (EET) is the standard of care for Barrett's esophagus (BE)-associated neoplasia. Previous data suggest the mean number of EET sessions required to achieve complete eradication of intestinal metaplasia (CE-IM) is 3.This study aimed to define the threshold of EET sessions required to achieve CE-IM. Methods The TREAT-BE Consortium is a multicenter outcomes cohort including prospectively enrolled patients with BE undergoing EET. All patients achieving CE-IM were included. Demographic, endoscopic, and histologic data were recorded at treatment onset along with treatment details and surveillance data. Kaplan-Meier analysis was performed to define a threshold of EET sessions, with 95%CI, required to achieve CE-IM. A secondary analysis examined predictors of incomplete response to EET using multiple logistic regression and recurrence rates. Results 623 patients (mean age 65.2 [SD 11.6], 79.6% male, 86.5% Caucasian) achieved CE-IM in a mean of 2.9 (SD 1.7) EET sessions (median 2) and a median total observation period of 2.7 years (interquartile range 1.4-5.0). After three sessions, 73% of patients achieved CE-IM (95%CI 70%-77%). Age (odds ratio [OR] 1.25, 95%CI 1.05-1.50) and length of BE (OR 1.24, 95%CI 1.17-1.31) were significant predictors of incomplete response. Conclusion The current study found that a threshold of three EET sessions would achieve CE-IM in the majority of patients. Alternative therapies and further diagnostic testing should be considered for patients who do not have significant response to EET after three sessions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)927-933
Number of pages7
Issue number10
StatePublished - Apr 4 2022


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