The Top 100 Cited Papers in the Field of Iron Deficiency in Humans: A Bibliometric Study

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Worldwide, iron deficiency is a common form of micronutrient deficiency with a high individual and societal cost. There are considerable knowledge and practice gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency. Bibliometric analysis examines the published body of knowledge of a subject in an objective fashion. The Web of Science Core Collection was searched to retrieve the 100 most cited papers on the topic of iron deficiency, and the key metrics of each paper were extracted. A keyword study was performed using VOSviewer 1.6.10 software, which provided a visual mapping of the network of keyword cooccurrences. The papers were published between 1964 and 2017 and were cited an average of 636 times. They were contributed by authors from 119 different countries/regions, with the largest contributing country being the United States. 29 institutions contributed at least 6 publications each, and 4 researchers authored or coauthored at least 5 papers. Keyword analysis suggests that the most cited topics could be grouped into 4 categories: (1) epidemiologic research of the global burden of iron deficiency, (2) clinical aspects of iron deficiency anemia, (3) iron metabolism, and (4) the impact of iron deficiency on children. Identification of the most impactful studies in the field of iron deficiency may be helpful to practitioners interested in improving their knowledge base. Compared to bibliometric studies performed on other topics, the medical literature of iron deficiency is mature, as evidenced by the high citation rate of the top 100 papers. Despite the high worldwide prevalence of iron deficiency, the top cited papers are dominated by a relatively small number of countries and institutions. Interestingly, however, the most cited authors in this study do not overlap with the most cited institutions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5573790
JournalBioMed Research International
StatePublished - 2021


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