The role of technology in the care of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy: an expert review

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most commonly encountered pregnancy complications and is associated with multiple adverse perinatal outcomes. Technology has progressed to address the unique challenges patients face in managing diabetes mellitus in pregnancy. Technology has bolstered diabetes mellitus education with smartphone applications focused on nutrition counseling and carbohydrate intake advice. Continuous glucose monitors and insulin infusion systems have shown benefit by simplifying glycemic monitoring and insulin administration. Improvements in glycemic control and perinatal outcomes have been seen with continuous glucose monitor use when compared with intermittent blood glucose monitoring, and more pregnant people are using insulin pumps instead of multiple daily insulin injections. Hybrid closed-loop systems are emerging and are able to integrate continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump technologies while maximizing automated features in the nonpregnant population, but these have not been endorsed for use in pregnancy yet. Applying telehealth practices has been associated with high patient satisfaction among those with diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, and leveraging remote patient monitoring through telehealth platforms and short-range wireless technologies can reduce the burden of patient visits. As technology becomes more integrated into routine management of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, practitioners should emphasize individualized counseling and device selection to ensure patient autonomy and safety.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100245
JournalAJOG Global Reports
Issue number3
StatePublished - Aug 2023


  • blood glucose monitoring
  • carbohydrate counting
  • continuous glucose monitor
  • continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
  • diabetes mellitus
  • diabetes mellitus education
  • gestational diabetes mellitus
  • hybrid closed-loop
  • nutrition
  • pregnancy
  • remote patient monitoring
  • short-range wireless
  • smartphone
  • technology
  • telehealth


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