Targeting the expression of integrin receptors in tumors

S. Bloch, K. Liang, R. B. Dorshow, Y. Ye, S. Achilefu

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Expression of integrin αvβ3 is upregulated in a number of cancers including colon, pancreas, lung and breast. Additionally, αvβ3 integrin expression has been linked to tumor metastasis and targeting this cell surface protein could provide a viable approach to image and evaluate the metastatic potential of tumors. Accordingly, we evaluated the selective retention of some near infrared (NIR) fluorescent probes in nude mice bearing A549 lung cancer xenograft that express αvβ3 integrin. Our preliminary results indicate that a novel NIR probe designed to target this integrin selectively accumulated in A549 tumor while other non-integrin specific probes were not retained in the tumor. Blocking studies show that tumor uptake of the probe is mediated by αvβ3 integrin receptor.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)222-228
Number of pages7
JournalProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
StatePublished - 2004
EventGenetically Engineered and Optical Probes for Biomedical Applications II - San Jose, CA, United States
Duration: Jan 24 2004Jan 27 2004


  • Cell surface receptors
  • Integrin
  • Mouse
  • Optical imaging
  • Peptide
  • Tumor


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