The mammalian SWitch/Sucrose Non-Fermentable (SWI/SNF) chromatin-remodeling BAF (BRG1/BRM-associated factor) complex plays an essential role in developmental and pathological processes. We show that the deletion of Baf155, which encodes a subunit of the BAF complex, in the Tie2(+) lineage (Baf155 (CKO) leads to defects in yolk sac myeloid and definitive erythroid (EryD) lineage differentiation from erythromyeloid progenitors (EMPs). The chromatin of myeloid gene loci in Baf155 CKO EMPs is mostly inaccessible and enriched mainly by the ETS binding motif. BAF155 interacts with PU.1 and is recruited to PU.1 target gene loci together with p300 and KDM6a. Treatment of Baf155 CKO embryos with GSK126, an H3K27me2/3 methyltransferase EZH2 inhibitor, rescues myeloid lineage gene expression. This study uncovers indispensable BAF-mediated chromatin remodeling of myeloid gene loci at the EMP stage. Future studies exploiting epigenetics in the generation and application of EMP derivatives for tissue repair, regeneration, and disease are warranted. The mammalian chromatin-remodeling BAF (BRG1/BRM-associated factor) complex has an essential role in developmental and pathological processes. Wu et al. show that BAF-mediated chromatin remodeling and activation of the myeloid and definitive erythroid transcriptional program at the EMP stage is critical for myeloid and definitive erythroid lineage development.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108395
JournalCell Reports
Issue number7
StatePublished - Nov 17 2020


  • Baf155
  • Brg1
  • Erythromyeloid progenitor
  • Kdm6a/6b
  • PU.1
  • Yolk sac
  • definitive erythroid
  • myeloid
  • p300


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