Promise of Normothermia

Babak Banan, William Chapman

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Purpose of this Review: Normothermic ex vivo machine perfusion (NMP) is a novel preservation modality that has been investigated as a tool to preserve and protect organs from extended criteria donors (ECDs). This review summarizes the latest clinical and experimental progress in this field and tries to answer questions such as what are the future implications of NMP, what are its therapeutic potentials, and what are the limitations associated with this technology? Recent Findings: New emerging data from clinical trials with NMP devices have demonstrated the safety and feasibility of this technology as well as its ability to preserve allograft function during the preservation period. Summary: NMP provides potential solutions to limitations associated with the standard cold preservation modality. It maintains the allografts in a physiological state, prevents depletion of cellular energy sources, enables resuscitation and assessment of the ECD organ, and opens the door for future ex vivo therapeutic interventions. Hence, it should increase donor pool and positively impact transplant outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-51
Number of pages10
JournalCurrent Transplantation Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 1 2017


  • Donation after circulatory death (DCD)
  • Extended criteria donors
  • Normothermic ex vivo machine perfusion
  • Organ preservation
  • Transplantation


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