Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of plant gene expression. Unique in explaining the subject from a plant perspective, it highlights the importance of key processes, many first discovered in plants, that impact how plants develop and interact with the environment. This text covers topics ranging from plant genome structure and the key control points in how genes are expressed, to the mechanisms by which proteins are generated and how their activities are controlled and altered by posttranslational modifications. Written by a highly respected team of specialists in plant biology with extensive experience in teaching at undergraduate and graduate level, this textbook will be invaluable for students and instructors alike. Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics also includes: specific examples that highlight when and how plants operate differently from other organisms; special sections that provide in-depth discussions of particular issues; end-of-chapter problems to help students recapitulate the main concepts; rich, full-colour illustrations and diagrams clearly showing important processes in plant gene expression; a companion website with PowerPoint slides, downloadable figures, and answers to the questions posed in the book. Aimed at upper level undergraduates and graduate students in plant biology, this text is equally suited for advanced agronomy and crop science students inclined to understand molecular aspects of organismal phenomena. It is also an invaluable starting point for professionals entering the field of plant biology.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherWiley Blackwell
Number of pages239
ISBN (Electronic)9781118539385
ISBN (Print)9781119998884
StatePublished - Mar 13 2015


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