Pediatric transscleral sutured intraocular lenses: Efficacy and safety in 43 eyes followed an average of 3 years

C. M. Bardorf, K. D. Epley, G. T. Lueder, L. Tychsen

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Purpose To report longer term results of transscleral sutured intraocular lens (TSSIOL) implantation in a sizable cohort of aphakic children, who were not suitable for contact lens wear and lacked adequate capsular support for sulcus fixation of an intraocular lens. Methods Clinical outcome data were collated by retrospective review after surgery on 43 consecutive eyes in 32 aphakic children (mean age at implantation = 10 years; 33% ≤ age 7 years). Outcome measures included visual acuity, postoperative refractive error, postoperative complications, and rate of reoperation. Follow-up averaged 37 months. Results Visual acuity improved after surgery in 70% (30) of operated eyes (in 69% or 22/32 children). Fifty-one percent (22/43 eyes) improved by two lines or more. No patient suffered a loss of acuity or exacerbation of preexisting amblyopia. Postoperative refraction was within ±2.0 D of the predicted refraction in 93% (40/43) of eyes. Complications, with the exception of one eye (2%), were minor/transient and resolved in the first week after surgery. Complications included small hyphemas (7%, 3/43 eyes), vitreous hemorrhage (5%, 2/43 eyes), and ocular hypertension or hypotony (5%). Two eyes (5%) exhibited episodes of iris capture of the IOL optic, one of which (2%, 1/43) eventually necessitated reoperation for IOL exchange. No retinal detachments or other retinal complications were encountered. Conclusion TSSIOL implantation appears to be a safe and effective method for correcting aphakia in pediatric eyes that lack adequate capsular support. Safety over a follow-up period longer than the average 3 years reported here remains to be determined. The surgery is more difficult to perform than capsular-bag or sulcus implantation and potentially carries greater risks.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)318-324
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of AAPOS
Issue number4
StatePublished - Aug 2004


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