Numerical prediction of oil film shear cavitation inception considering groove structure

Fangwei Xie, Chunjie Xu, Xudong Zheng, Yongjie Li, Kuidong Gao, Ramesh K. Agarwal, Xiumei Liu

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The oil film between the friction disks of the hydro-viscous clutch is taken as the research object. Considering the groove structure of the friction disks, the mathematical model of the oil film flow field is established. The finite difference algorithm is utilized to solve the velocity, the pressure, and the pressure coefficient of the oil film. The incipient position of oil film shear cavitation under different groove structure parameters is carried out. The numerical results indicate that the groove has a great influence on the oil film velocity and pressure. The oil film cavitation inception occurs first in the upstream position of the groove area. The area fraction of cavitation inception is directly proportional to the width and depth of the groove and inversely proportional to the section parameter and inclination angle of the groove. This research provides an efficient and accurate method for predicting the oil film shear cavitation inception.


  • cavitation inception
  • finite difference algorithm
  • groove structure
  • hydro-viscous clutch
  • oil film


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