G. H. Brandenburger, B. R. Hieb, S. A. Garfield, R. J. Krone, P. A. Ludbrook, J. R. Cox, G. C. Oliver

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This paper describes a new generation catheterization laboratory system developed jointly by the Biomedical Computer Laboratory of Washington University and the Washington University Medical School. The system has been developed based upon three years' experience with an earlier computerized catheterization laboratory system. From the evaluation of the earlier system at two institutions a complete redesign has been carried out correcting the earlier system's deficiencies while retaining its advantages. A number of novel concepts and features have been incorporated into the new system. The central processing unit may be located at a site remote from the catheterization laboratory. Remote computer operation is accomplished using a keyboard, with displays presented both on the local graphic storage oscilloscope and on remote standard video monitors. A matrix line printer provides tabular and text reports, while a Tektronix 4601 hardcopy unit produces combined graphic and text reports from the local storage oscilloscope.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
StatePublished - 1976
EventComput in Cardiol, Conf - St Louis, MO, USA
Duration: Oct 7 1976Oct 9 1976


ConferenceComput in Cardiol, Conf
CitySt Louis, MO, USA


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