Modelling Pattern Formation in Motor-Microtubule Mixtures

Sumithra Sankararaman, Gautam I. Menon, P. B. Sunil Kumar

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We propose a hydrodynamic model for pattern formation in mixtures of molecular motors and microtubules. Our model invokes a vector field describing the local microtubule orientation, and two scalar density fields associated to molecular motors which either attach to and move along the microtubule, or diffuse within the solvent. We present results for pattern formation in the background of two preformed aster-like configurations, placed symmetrically in the simulation box, in an attempt to mimic some features of patterns obtained In vivo.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)26-31
Number of pages6
JournalPhysica Scripta T
StatePublished - 2003
EventPhysics of Random Networks, Econophysics and Models of Biophysics and Sociophysics - Kolkata, India
Duration: Mar 20 2003Mar 22 2003


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