Measurement of the hadronic photon structure function F2γ at LEP2

G. Abbiendi, C. Ainsley, P. F. Åkesson, G. Alexander, J. Allison, G. Anagnostou, K. J. Anderson, S. Asai, D. Axen, G. Azuelos, I. Bailey, E. Barberio, R. J. Barlow, R. J. Batley, P. Bechtle, T. Behnke, K. W. Bell, P. J. Bell, G. Bella, A. BelleriveG. Benelli, S. Bethke, O. Biebel, I. J. Bloodworth, O. Boeriu, P. Bock, D. Bonacorsi, M. Boutemeur, S. Braibant, L. Brigliadori, R. M. Brown, K. Buesser, H. J. Burckhart, J. Cammin, S. Campana, R. K. Carnegie, B. Caron, A. A. Carter, J. R. Carter, C. Y. Chang, D. G. Charlton, I. Cohen, A. Csilling, M. Cuffiani, S. Dado, G. M. Dallavalle, S. Dallison, A. De Roeck, E. A. De Wolf, K. Desch, M. Donkers, J. Dubbert, E. Duchovni, G. Duckeck, I. P. Duerdoth, E. Etzion, F. Fabbri, L. Feld, P. Ferrari, F. Fiedler, I. Fleck, M. Ford, A. Frey, A. Fürtjes, P. Gagnon, J. W. Gary, G. Gaycken, C. Geich-Gimbel, G. Giacomelli, P. Giacomelli, M. Giunta, J. Goldberg, E. Gross, J. Grunhaus, M. Gruwé, P. O. Günther, A. Gupta, C. Hajdu, M. Hamann, G. G. Hanson, K. Harder, A. Harel, M. Harin-Dirac, M. Hauschild, J. Hauschildt, C. M. Hawkes, R. Hawkings, R. J. Hemingway, C. Hensel, G. Herten, R. D. Heuer, J. C. Hill, K. Hoffman

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The hadronic structure function of the photon F2 γ (x, Q2) is measured as a function of Bjorken x and of the photon virtuality Q2 using deep-inelastic scattering data taken by the OPAL detector at LEP at e+e- centre-of-mass energies from 183 to 209 GeV. Previous OPAL measurements of the x dependence of F2 γ are extended to an average Q2 of (Q2) = 780 GeV2 using data in the kinematic range 0.15 < × < 0.98. The Q2 evolution of F2 γ is studied for 12.1 < (Q2) < 780 GeV2 using three ranges of x. As predicted by QCD, the data show positive scaling violations in F2 γ with F2 γ (Q2)/α = (0.08 ± 0.02-0.03 +0.05)+(0.13 ± 0.01 -0.01 +0.01) 1n Q2, where Q2 is in GeV2, for the central x region 0.10-0.60. Several parameterisations of F2 γ are in qualitative agreement with the measurements whereas the quark-parton model prediction fails to describe the data.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)207-222
Number of pages16
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - May 9 2002


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