Maternal Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy

Megan E. Foeller, Timothy M. Foeller, Maurice Druzin

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Congenital heart disease comprises most maternal cardiac diseases in pregnancy and is an important cause of maternal, fetal, and neonatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. Pregnancy is often considered a high-risk state for individuals with structural heart disease as a consequence of a limited ability to adapt to the major hemodynamic changes associated with pregnancy. Preconception counseling and evaluation are of utmost importance, as pregnancy is contraindicated in certain cardiac conditions. Pregnancy can be safely accomplished in most individuals with careful risk assessment before conception and multidisciplinary care throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)267-280
Number of pages14
JournalObstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2018


  • Congenital heart disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Transposition of great arteries


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