Kidney Cancer, Version 2.2017: Clinical practice guidelines in oncology

Robert J. Motzer, Eric Jonasch, Neeraj Agarwal, Sam Bhayani, William P. Bro, Sam S. Chang, Toni K. Choueiri, Brian A. Costello, Ithaar H. Derweesh, Mayer Fishman, Thomas H. Gallagher, John L. Gore, Steven L. Hancock, Michael R. Harrison, Won Kim, Christos Kyriakopoulos, Chad Lagrange, Elaine T. Lam, Clayton Lau, M. Dror MichaelsonThomas Olencki, Phillip M. Pierorazio, Elizabeth R. Plimack

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The NCCN Guidelines for Kidney Cancer provide multidisciplinary recommendations for the clinical management of patients with clear cell and non-clear cell renal carcinoma. These guidelines are developed by a multidisciplinary panel of leading experts from NCCN Member Institutions consisting of medical oncologists, hematologists and hematologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, urologists, and pathologists. The NCCN Guidelines are in continuous evolution and are updated annually or sometimes more often, if new high-quality clinical data become available in the interim.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)804-834
Number of pages31
JournalJNCCN Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2017


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