Previously, we described a novel alternative to chromatin immunoprecipitation, CUT&RUN, in which unfixed permeabilized cells are incubated with antibody, followed by binding of a protein A-Micrococcal Nuclease (pA/MNase) fusion protein (Skene and Henikoff, 2017). Here we introduce three enhancements to CUT&RUN: A hybrid protein A-Protein G-MNase construct that expands antibody compatibility and simplifies purification, a modified digestion protocol that inhibits premature release of the nuclease-bound complex, and a calibration strategy based on carry-over of E. coli DNA introduced with the fusion protein. These new features, coupled with the previously described low-cost, high efficiency, high reproducibility and high-throughput capability of CUT&RUN make it the method of choice for routine epigenomic profiling.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere46314
StatePublished - Jun 24 2019


  • chromatin
  • chromosomes
  • epigenomics
  • gene expression
  • genetics
  • genomics
  • human
  • spike-in calibration


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