A discrete auto-pilot method is developed and applied to various helicopter trim models. The results show that the method solves the stable and unstable system trim problem successfully. A unified trim algorithm is also developed and applied to various helicopter trim models. This algorithm combines the advantages of the periodic shooting method, the auto-pilot method and the discrete auto-pilot method. Therefore it overcomes the inefficiency of the periodic shooting (when the system is very large) and the instability of the auto-pilot when the system is neutrally stable (such as in free-flight) or unstable. The results show that such a unified method is very efficient and robust to solve the rotorcraft trim problem.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)780-793
Number of pages14
JournalAnnual Forum Proceedings - American Helicopter Society
StatePublished - 1996
EventProceedings of the 1996 52nd Annual Forum. Part 1 (of 3) - Washington, DC, USA
Duration: Jun 4 1996Jun 6 1996


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