Functional System and Areal Organization of a Highly Sampled Individual Human Brain

Timothy O. Laumann, Evan M. Gordon, Babatunde Adeyemo, Abraham Z. Snyder, Sung Jun Joo, Mei Yen Chen, Adrian W. Gilmore, Kathleen B. McDermott, Steven M. Nelson, Nico U.F. Dosenbach, Bradley L. Schlaggar, Jeanette A. Mumford, Russell A. Poldrack, Steven E. Petersen

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Resting state functional MRI (fMRI) has enabled description of group-level functional brain organization at multiple spatial scales. However, cross-subject averaging may obscure patterns of brain organization specific to each individual. Here, we characterized the brain organization of a single individual repeatedly measured over more than a year. We report a reproducible and internally valid subject-specific areal-level parcellation that corresponds with subject-specific task activations. Highly convergent correlation network estimates can be derived from this parcellation if sufficient data are collected-considerably more than typically acquired. Notably, within-subject correlation variability across sessions exhibited a heterogeneous distribution across the cortex concentrated in visual and somato-motor regions, distinct from the pattern of intersubject variability. Further, although the individual's systems-level organization is broadly similar to the group, it demonstrates distinct topological features. These results provide a foundation for studies of individual differences in cortical organization and function, especially for special or rare individuals.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)657-670
Number of pages14
Issue number3
StatePublished - Aug 5 2015


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