Fluorouracil Filtering Surgery Study One-Year Follow-up

W. L.M. Alward, Thomas Farrell, Sohan Hayreh, Hansjoerg Kolder, Bernita Carney, Michael Gressel, John Costin, Paul Craven, Michael Zgrabik, Barbara Simashkevich, Pamela Schremp, Dale K. Heuer, George Baerveldt, Don Minckler, James Martone, John Irvine, Peter Liggett, Alfredo Sadun, Ronald Green, John LeanPeter Mcdonnell, Frances Walonker, Eva Griffay, Andrea Miller-Scholte, Michael Kass, Allan Kolker, Martha Farber, Lawrence Gans, Morton Smith, Arnold Jones, Shirley Klenke, Alyson Owensby, K. Parrish Richard, Elizabeth Hodapp, Paul F. Palmberg, Douglas R. Anderson, Yasmina Rosario, Madeline Del Calvo, Marilyn Mule, Ann Carter, Ana Fajardo, Mark Sherwood, George Stern, William Driebe, John Guy, Marwa Adi, Maher Fanous, Diana Shamis, Past Dale K. Heuer, Harry Engel, Jacob Wilensky, Eve Higginbotham, Howard Tessler, Diane Frohlichstein, Robert Barnes, Sao Liu, Richard L. Mowery, Anita Suran, Israel Goldberg, Peter Dudley, Joyce Schiffman, Ross Schwelm, William Feuer, Dennis Gillings, Luz Gual, Patricia Anderson, Curt Furberg, David Dueker, Sylvan B. Green, Alan M. Laties, Katherine E. Peres, Robert F. Taylor, M. Christina Leske, Donald Enkerud, Antonio Cubillas, Ross Jarrett

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Two hundred thirteen patients participated in the Fluorouracil Filtering Surgery Study, a randomized clinical trial, to determine the efficacy and safety of subconjunctivally injected 5-fluorouracil after filtering surgery in eyes with poor prognoses. Twenty-eight (27%) of the 105 eyes in the 5-fluorouracil group and 54 (50%) of the 108 eyes in the standard group were classified as failures, defined by reoperation for control of intraocular pressure during the first year or an intraocular pressure greater than 21 mm Hg at the one-year visit (P =.0007, Mantel-Haenszel chi-square). Corneal epithelial toxicity and transient visual acuity loss were more common in the 5-fluorouracil group (P <.001, chi-square); however, the visual acuities and the mean visual field sensitivities were not significantly different at one year. We recommend the use of subconjunctivally injected 5-fluorouracil after trabeculectomy in eyes with uncontrolled glaucoma and poor prognoses, specifically after previous cataract extraction or unsuccessful filtering surgery.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)xxxiii-xlii
JournalAmerican journal of ophthalmology
StatePublished - Feb 2018


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