Evaluation of myocardial ischemia and viability by noninvasive cardiac imaging

Chandra K. Katikireddy, Noelle Mann, David Brown, Andrew Van Tosh, Kathleen Stergiopoulos

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Noninvasive cardiac imaging plays a central role in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathy, as well as in the decision making for therapeutic interventions. Proper assessment of the degree of myocardial ischemia and viability is essential to aid in therapies that may improve patient outcomes. In addition, a wealth of evidence exists on the prognostic value of the information obtained from noninvasive imaging. One must utilize an imaging study or studies in an organized fashion, incorporating the latest scientific evidence, guidelines and appropriateness criteria. This review summarizes the advantages, disadvantages and relevant literature on various imaging modalities currently available for the evaluation of myocardial ischemia and viability.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)55-73
Number of pages19
JournalExpert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2012


  • computed tomography angiography
  • echocardiogram
  • hibernating myocardium
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • myocardial fibrosis
  • myocardial ischemia
  • positron emission tomography
  • single-photon emission computed tomography
  • viability


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