EUS-Guided Vascular Interventions

Michelle Baliss, Devan Patel, Mahmoud Y. Madi, Ahmad Najdat Bazarbashi

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Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) has numerous advanced applications as a diagnostic and therapeutic modality in contemporary medicine. Through intraluminal placement, EUS offers a real-time Doppler-guided endoscopic visualization and access to intra-abdominal vasculature, which were previously inaccessible using historical methods. We aim to provide a comprehensive review of key studies on both current and future EUS-guided vascular applications. This review details EUS-based vascular diagnostic techniques of portal pressure measurements in the prognostication of liver disease and portal venous sampling for obtaining circulating tumor cells in the diagnosis of cancer. From an interventional perspective, we describe effective EUS-guided treatments via coiling and cyanoacrylate injections of gastric varices and visceral artery pseudoaneurysms. Specific attention is given to clinical studies on efficacy and procedural techniques described by investigators for each EUS-based application. We explore novel and future emerging EUS-based interventions, such as liver tumor ablation and intrahepatic portosystemic shunt placement.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2165
JournalJournal of Clinical Medicine
Issue number6
StatePublished - Mar 2023


  • endoscopic ultrasound
  • gastric varices
  • portal pressure gradient
  • portal venous sampling
  • pseudoaneurysms
  • vascular


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