Engineering dynamics of growth factors and other therapeutic ligands

Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Lily Chu, Anthony French, Gregory Oehrtman, Cartikeya Reddy, Alan Wells, Salil Niyogi, H. Steven Wiley

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Peptide growth factors and other receptor-binding cytokine ligands are of interest in contemporary molecular health care approaches in applications such as wound healing, tissue regeneration, and gene therapy. Development of effective technologies based on operation of these regulatory molecules requires an ability to deliver the ligands to target cells in a reliable and well-characterizable manner. Quantitative information concerning the fate of peptide ligands within tissues is necessary for adequate interpretation of experimental observations at the tissue level and for truly rational engineering design of ligand-based therapies. To address this need, we are undertaking efforts to elucidate effects of key molecular and cellular parameters on temporal and spatial distribution of cytokines in cell population and cell/matrix systems. In this article we summarize some of our recent findings on dynamics of growth factor depletion by cellular endocytic trafficking, growth factor transport through cellular matrices, and growth factor production and release by autocrine cell systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)61-80
Number of pages20
JournalBiotechnology and Bioengineering
Issue number1
StatePublished - Oct 5 1996
Externally publishedYes


  • cell engineering
  • cytokine ligands
  • growth factors
  • mammalian cells
  • receptors
  • trafficking

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