Efficiency of using the day-of-implant CT for planning of SAVI APBI

Michael B. Altman, Karen E. Mooney, Sharbacha Edward, Jose L. Garcia-Ramirez, Todd A. Dewees, Maria A. Thomas, Imran Zoberi, Jacqueline E. Zoberi

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Purpose: The purpose of the study was to develop an optimized, efficient workflow for using the day-of-implant (DOI) CT for treatment planning of accelerated partial breast irradiation brachytherapy using the strut-adjusted volume implant (SAVI) device. Methods and Materials: For 62 consecutive SAVI patients, a DOI CT was acquired and used for treatment planning. A “verification” CT was acquired 24–72 h after implant and immediately before the first fraction, then registered to the DOI CT. If the DOI CT–based plan was no longer optimal, a replan was performed. An array of metrics describing the geometry of the device and its relative position in the patient from the DOI CTs for these patients was collected. These metrics from the DOI CT were evaluated to determine what features could predict for the need to replan before the first treatment fraction. Logistical regression analysis including χ2 tests was used to determine if different factors correlated with replanning. Results: Twenty-two of 62 patients (35%) required replanning. Only the presence of splayed struts, where splay was toward the skin, and the use of a nine strut (“8-1”) SAVI were significantly correlated (p < 0.05) with replanning. Within these individual populations, no additional factors showed a significant statistical correlation for requiring replanning. Conclusions: For strut-based accelerated partial breast irradiation brachytherapy, it was feasible to treat with a plan based on the DOI CT for a majority (65%) of patients. Some factors correlate to needing replanning; recognizing these could be used to optimize treatment workflow for certain patients, increasing clinical efficiency while enhancing the quality of patient care.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)40-49
Number of pages10
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2018


  • APBI
  • Computed tomography
  • SAVI
  • Treatment planning


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