Background: Although intraoperative educational videos have become increasingly popular, comparatively few videos teach clinical reasoning for surgical procedures. The objectives of this study were to develop an engaging online video-based module to teach decision-making for cubital tunnel surgery, including supercharge nerve transfer, using a multimedia learning framework; and evaluate its effectiveness and use for continuing professional development. Methods: The educational module consisted of a prelecture knowledge assessment, choice of two self-guided video lectures (7 minutes and 28 minutes), and a postlecture knowledge assessment. An additional assessment examined knowledge retention 3 months after module completion. Surgeon surveys were administered after each knowledge assessment. Results: A total of 279 surgeons participated in the educational module (75 percent practicing surgeons, 25 percent trainees), 112 surgeons completed the postlecture assessment, and 71 surgeons completed the knowledge retention assessment. Median score on the prelecture assessment was five out of 10 (interquartile range, four to seven). Scores improved by three points (10-point scale; p < 0.0001) in the postlecture assessment. Median score on the knowledge retention assessment was eight out of 10 (interquartile range, six to nine), with participants maintaining a two-point increase from their prelecture score (p = 0.0002). Among surgeons completing this assessment, 68 percent reported that the module had changed their management of cubital tunnel syndrome. Conclusions: This study introduces a framework for the development of online multimedia modules for surgical education. It also underscores a demand among surgeons for easily accessible, reusable educational resources. Similar video-based modules may be developed to address this demand to facilitate continuing professional development in surgery.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)810E-822E
JournalPlastic and reconstructive surgery
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 1 2022


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