Comparison of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy and laparoscopic cryoablation for renal hilar tumors

Gregory Hruby, Karen Reisiger, Ramakrishna Venkatesh, Yan Yan, Jaime Landman

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Objectives. To compare laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (LPN) and laparoscopic cryoablation (LC) for the management of small renal tumors located near the renal hilum. Methods. A retrospective chart review was performed on all patients who underwent LPN and LC. A total of 23 patients (12 LPN and 11 LC) had tumors located within 5 mm of the renal hilar vasculature. Patient data were retrospectively analyzed for specific parameters, including operative time, efficacy, morbidity, and postoperative course. Results. All 23 cases were successfully completed laparoscopically. The mean operative time for LPN and LC was 2.8 hours and 2.3 hours, respectively (P = 0.03). The mean estimated blood loss was 197 mL for LPN and 70 mL for LC (P <0.01). The analgesic requirement for those undergoing LPN and LC was 29 mg morphine equivalent and 23 mg morphine equivalent, respectively (P = 0.41). The hospital stay for patients in the LPN and LC groups was 3.9 days and 3.2 days respectively (P = 0.55). No intraoperative complications occurred in either group. Six patients experienced nine complications in the LPN group. The complications included hemorrhage in 1, fever in 1, ileus in 1, urinary tract infection in 1, urine leak in 4, and transient postoperative neuropathy in 1. The LC group had no postoperative complications. In the LC cohort, no disease recurrence developed during the 11.3 months of follow-up. No positive margins were found in the LPN cohort, and with a mean follow-up of 12 months, none have developed recurrence. Conclusions. LPN for hilar tumors is a reasonable surgical option but carries an increased risk of urine leak. LC for hilar tumors has a shorter operative time and results in significantly fewer postoperative complications. Long-term follow-up data for both techniques remain unavailable.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)50-54
Number of pages5
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2006


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