Chemerin triggers migration of a CD8 T cell subset with natural killer cell functions

Romain Ballet, Melissa LaJevic, Noelle Huskey-Mullin, Rachel Roach, Kevin Brulois, Ying Huang, Muhammad A. Saeed, Ha X. Dang, Russell K. Pachynski, Elizabeth Wilson, Eugene C. Butcher, Brian A. Zabel

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The recruitment of cells with effector functions into the tumor microenvironment holds potential for delaying cancer progression. We show that subsets of human CD28-effector CD8 T cells, CCR7 CD45RO+ effector memory, and CCR7 CD45RO effector memory RA phenotypes, express the chemerin receptor CMKLR1 and bind chemerin via the receptor. CMKLR1-expressing human CD8 effector memory T cells present gene, protein, and cytotoxic features of NK cells. Active chemerin promotes chemotaxis of CMKLR1-expressing CD8 effector memory cells and triggers activation of the α4β1 integrin. In an experimental prostate tumor mouse model, chemerin expression is downregulated in the tumor microenvironment, which is associated with few tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells, while forced overexpression of chemerin by mouse prostate cancer cells leads to an accumulation of intra-tumor CD8+ T cells. Furthermore, α4 integrin blockade abrogated the chemerin-dependent recruitment of CD8+ T effector memory cells into implanted prostate tumors in vivo. The results identify a role for chemerin:CMKLR1 in defining a specialized NK-like CD8 T cell, and suggest the use of chemerin-dependent modalities to target effector CMKLR1-expressing T cells to the tumor microenvironment for immunotherapeutic purposes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2887-2900
Number of pages14
JournalMolecular Therapy
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 4 2023


  • CMKLR1
  • T cell trafficking
  • chemerin
  • chemoattractant
  • immune oncology
  • integrin


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