Characterization of Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines in Murine Orthotopic and Intracardiac Metastasis Models

Jennifer A. Morrison, Laura A. Pike, Greg Lund, Qiong Zhou, Brittelle E. Kessler, Kevin T. Bauerle, Sharon B. Sams, Bryan R. Haugen, Rebecca E. Schweppe

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Thyroid cancer incidence has been increasing over time, and it is estimated that ∼1950 advanced thyroid cancer patients will die of their disease in 2015. To combat this disease, an enhanced understanding of thyroid cancer development and progression as well as the development of efficacious, targeted therapies are needed. In vitro and in vivo studies utilizing thyroid cancer cell lines and animal models are critically important to these research efforts. In this report, we detail our studies with a panel of authenticated human anaplastic and papillary thyroid cancer (ATC and PTC) cell lines engineered to express firefly luciferase in two in vivo murine cancer models—an orthotopic thyroid cancer model as well as an intracardiac injection metastasis model. In these models, primary tumor growth in the orthotopic model and the establishment and growth of metastases in the intracardiac injection model are followed in vivo using an IVIS imaging system. In the orthotopic model, the ATC cell lines 8505C and T238 and the PTC cell lines K1/GLAG-66 and BCPAP had take rates >90 % with final tumor volumes ranging 84–214 mm3 over 4–5 weeks. In the intracardiac model, metastasis establishment was successful in the ATC cell lines HTh74, HTh7, 8505C, THJ-16T, and Cal62 with take rates ≥70 %. Only one of the PTC cell lines tested (BCPAP) was successful in the intracardiac model with a take rate of 30 %. These data will be beneficial to inform the choice of cell line and model system for the design of future thyroid cancer studies.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)87-99
Number of pages13
JournalHormones and Cancer
Issue number2-3
StatePublished - Jun 1 2015


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