Beta-amyloid (Aβ) uptake by PET imaging in older HIV+ and HIV- individuals

Mona Mohamed, Richard L. Skolasky, Yun Zhou, Weiguo Ye, James R. Brasic, Amanda Brown, Carlos A. Pardo, Peter B. Barker, Dean F. Wong, Ned Sacktor

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The causes of cognitive impairment among older HIV+ individuals may overlap with causes among elderly HIV seronegative (HIV-) individuals. The objective of this study was to determine if beta-amyloid (Aβ) deposition measured by [18F] AV-45 (florbetapir) positron emission tomography (PET) is increased in older HIV+ individuals compared to HIV- individuals. Forty-eight HIV+ and 25 HIV- individuals underwent [18F] AV-45 PET imaging. [18F] AV-45 binding to Aβ was measured by standardized uptake value ratios (SUVR) relative to the cerebellum in 16 cortical and subcortical regions of interest. Global and regional cortical SUVRs were compared by (1) serostatus, (2) HAND stage, and (3) age decade, comparing individuals in their 50s and > 60s. There were no differences in median global cortical SUVR stratified by HIV serostatus or HAND stage. The proportion of HIV+ participants in their 50s with elevated global amyloid uptake (SUVR > 1.40) was significantly higher than the proportion in HIV- participants (67% versus 25%, p = 0.04), and selected regional SUVR values were also higher (p < 0.05) in HIV+ compared to HIV- participants in their 50s. However, these group differences were not seen in participants in their 60s. In conclusion, PET imaging found no differences in overall global Aβ deposition stratified by HIV serostatus or HAND stage. Although there was some evidence of increased Aβ deposition in HIV+ individuals in their 50s compared to HIV- individuals which might indicate premature aging, the most parsimonious explanation for this is the relatively small sample size in this cross-sectional cohort study.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)382-390
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of NeuroVirology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 1 2020


  • Amyloid
  • Cognitive impairment
  • HIV
  • PET


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