Antibody-drug conjugate targeting CD46 eliminates multiple myeloma cells

Daniel W. Sherbenou, Blake T. Aftab, Yang Su, Christopher R. Behrens, Arun Wiita, Aaron C. Logan, Diego Acosta-Alvear, Byron C. Hann, Peter Walter, Marc A. Shuman, Xiaobo Wu, John P. Atkinson, Jeffrey L. Wolf, Thomas G. Martin, Bin Liu

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Multiple myeloma is incurable by standard approaches because of inevitable relapse and development of treatment resistance in all patients. In our prior work, we identified a panel of macropinocytosing human monoclonal antibodies against CD46, a negative regulator of the innate immune system, and constructed antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). In this report, we show that an anti-CD46 ADC (CD46-ADC) potently inhibited proliferation in myeloma cell lines with little effect on normal cells. CD46-ADC also potently eliminated myeloma growth in orthometastatic xenograft models. In primary myeloma cells derived from bone marrow aspirates, CD46-ADC induced apoptosis and cell death, but did not affect the viability of nontumor mononuclear cells. It is of clinical interest that the CD46 gene resides on chromosome 1q, which undergoes genomic amplification in the majority of relapsed myeloma patients. We found that the cell surface expression level of CD46 was markedly higher in patient myeloma cells with 1q gain than in those with normal 1q copy number. Thus, genomic amplification of CD46 may serve as a surrogate for target amplification that could allow patient stratification for tailored CD46-targeted therapy. Overall, these findings indicate that CD46 is a promising target for antibody-based treatment of multiple myeloma, especially in patients with gain of chromosome 1q.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4640-4653
Number of pages14
JournalJournal of Clinical Investigation
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1 2016

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    Sherbenou, D. W., Aftab, B. T., Su, Y., Behrens, C. R., Wiita, A., Logan, A. C., Acosta-Alvear, D., Hann, B. C., Walter, P., Shuman, M. A., Wu, X., Atkinson, J. P., Wolf, J. L., Martin, T. G., & Liu, B. (2016). Antibody-drug conjugate targeting CD46 eliminates multiple myeloma cells. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 126(12), 4640-4653.