A scoring strategy for progression risk and rates of treatment completion in subjects with latent tuberculosis

Michael Scolarici, Ken Dekitani, Ling Chen, Marcia Sokol-Anderson, Daniel F. Hoft, Soumya Chatterjee

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It is unknown whether patients with LTBI at high vs. low risk of developing active TB are currently adequately identified and treated in the US. In this study our objective was 1) To retrospectively apply the online calculator (tstin3d.com) to determine the probability of having LTBI and assign cumulative risk of progression. 2) Measure treatment outcomes in subjects with Low: 0-<10%, Intermediate: 10-<50% and High: 50–100% cumulative risk. We performed medical record review of tuberculin skin test and/or Interferon-γ release assay (IGRAs) positive patients with LTBI seen from 2010–2015. Of 125 subjects included, 51 (41%), 46 (37%) and 28 (22%) subjects were in Low, Intermediate and High risk groups respectively. Tstin3d.com was useful in determining the probability of LTBI in tuberculin skin test positive US-born subjects. Overall treatment completion rate was 61% in 114 subjects with complete treatment information and similar completion rates were seen in the three groups (Low-60%, Intermediate-63% and High-57%). Provider assessment of important clinical risk factors was often incomplete. Logistic regression analysis showed no association of assessment of important risk factors with treatment completion. The major limitations of the calculator are the lack of an updated data on country-specific prevalence of TB disease as the global burden of TB continues to decrease as well as falsely high positive predictive values that due to “transiently” positive IGRA results in subjects from countries with low prevalence. Nonetheless, our findings suggest that tstin3d.com could be utilized in the US setting for improving providing awareness of risk stratification of patients with LTBI for short course treatment regimens based on risk.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0207582
JournalPloS one
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2018


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