A scoping review of excessive use of mammography screening

Danila Cristina Paquier Sala, Larissa da Silva, Meiry Fernanda Pinto Okuno, Ana Baumann

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Objectives: To identify how scholars define excessive screening for women without risk of developing breast cancer, examine the determinants (barriers and facilitators) of excessive use of mammography screening, and describe the rates of observations of excessive use mammography screening. Methods: Scoping review based on a search in May 2022 in six electronic health databases and libraries. Articles included were peer-reviewed articles, in any language and year of publication. Results: In a sample of 18 articles, published from 1991 onwards, most of them from the United States, the excessive use of mammography were defined as the intention or performance of mammography outside the recommended age or interval range, among women with limited life expectancy, in coexisting, organized and opportunistic programs. The rates of observations of excessive use of mammography screening in the selected serstudies ranged from 1.4% to 87,2%. Facilitators for excessive mammography are related concerns of getting cancer; to the medical advice, especially from specialists; and to the increased access to tests. The most exposed to excessive screening are women with higher levels of education and income. Barriers for excessive mammography included guidance in consultations about the harm of mammography and life expectancy by general practitioners, particularly those in primary care. Conclusion: Our study identified that the excessive use of mammography screening has a high prevalence when done as screening and is permeated by multilevel factors. Our list of determinants can provide some guidance for future studies aiming to de-implement the low-value care of excessive mammography screening.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbereAPESPE023773
JournalACTA Paulista de Enfermagem
StatePublished - 2023


  • Breast neoplasms
  • Health services misuse
  • Implementation science
  • Mammography
  • Mass screening


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