A Review of High-Dimensional Mediation Analyses in DNA Methylation Studies

Haixiang Zhang, Lifang Hou, Lei Liu

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DNA methylation alterations have been widely studied as mediators of environmentally induced disease risks. With new advances in technique, epigenome-wide DNA methylation data (EWAS) have become the new standard for epigenetic studies in human populations. However, to date most epigenetic studies of mediation effects only involve selected (gene-specific) candidate methylation markers. There is an urgent need for appropriate analytical methods for EWAS mediation analysis. In this chapter, we provide an overview of recent advances on high-dimensional mediation analysis, with application to two DNA methylation data.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMethods in Molecular Biology
PublisherHumana Press Inc.
Number of pages13
StatePublished - 2022

Publication series

NameMethods in Molecular Biology
ISSN (Print)1064-3745
ISSN (Electronic)1940-6029


  • Epigenetics
  • False discovery rate
  • Joint significance test
  • Mediation analysis
  • Multiple comparison
  • Regularization
  • Variable selection


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