A new measure to assess asthma's effect on quality of life from the patient's perspective

Sandra R. Wilson, Michael J. Mulligan, Estela Ayala, Alan Chausow, Qiwen Huang, Sarah B. Knowles, Santosh Gummidipundi, Mario Castro, Robert A. Wise

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Background: The Asthma Impact on Quality of Life Scale (A-IQOLS) assesses the negative effect of asthma on quality of life (QoL) from the patient's perspective by using dimensions of Flanagan's Quality of Life Scale (QOLS), a measure of current QoL. Objectives: We sought to determine and compare the psychometric properties of the A-IQOLS and QOLS, including their sensitivities to differences and change in asthma status. Methods: In a test-retest design (3- to 5-week interval) adults with persistent asthma underwent spirometry and were administered the A-IQOLS, other asthma outcome measures (Asthma Control Test, Asthma Symptom Utility Index, and the Marks and Juniper Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaires), and the QOLS. Results: Participants’ (n = 147) mean age was 49 years, 76% were white, 12% were Hispanic, and 65% were female. A-IQOLS and QOLS scores were significantly correlated with other asthma outcomes scores, except FEV 1 , but shared relatively low common variance with these measures. A-IQOLS but not QOLS score changes were significantly correlated with changes in asthma outcomes. An A-IQOLS standard error of measurement of 0.27 implies that a within-person score change of ±0.73 or greater constitutes a true change. The QOLS standard error of measurement was 0.43. Conclusions: A-IQOLS provides a reliable, valid, and unique assessment of the patient-perceived negative effect of asthma on QoL that is suitable for use in asthma clinical research and potentially in clinical care. Further studies are needed in diverse patient populations. QOLS, a measure of current QoL, is less sensitive to disease status changes but might be useful in characterizing study populations, in treatment adherence research, and as a clinical and research tool in patients with multiple, severe, and/or life-limiting chronic conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1085-1095
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2018


  • Asthma
  • clinical outcomes
  • measurement/standardized measures
  • patient-centered outcomes
  • quality of life


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