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    Ulcerative colitis is characterized by a plasmablast-skewed humoral response associated with disease activity

    Uzzan, M., Martin, J. C., Mesin, L., Livanos, A. E., Castro-Dopico, T., Huang, R., Petralia, F., Magri, G., Kumar, S., Zhao, Q., Rosenstein, A. K., Tokuyama, M., Sharma, K., Ungaro, R., Kosoy, R., Jha, D., Fischer, J., Singh, H., Keir, M. E., Ramamoorthi, N. & 36 others, Gorman, W. E. O., Cohen, B. L., Rahman, A., Cossarini, F., Seki, A., Leyre, L., Vaquero, S. T., Gurunathan, S., Grasset, E. K., Losic, B., Dubinsky, M., Greenstein, A. J., Gottlieb, Z., Legnani, P., George, J., Irizar, H., Stojmirovic, A., Brodmerkel, C., Kasarkis, A., Sands, B. E., Furtado, G., Lira, S. A., Tuong, Z. K., Ko, H. M., Cerutti, A., Elson, C. O., Clatworthy, M. R., Merad, M., Suárez-Fariñas, M., Argmann, C., Hackney, J. A., Victora, G. D., Randolph, G. J., Kenigsberg, E., Colombel, J. F. & Mehandru, S., Apr 2022, In: Nature medicine. 28, 4, p. 766-779 14 p.

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  • Variation and genetic control of gene expression in primary immunocytes across inbred mouse strains

    Mostafavi, S., Ortiz-Lopez, A., Bogue, M. A., Hattori, K., Pop, C., Koller, D., Mathis, D., Benoist, C., Blair, D. A., Dustin, M. L., Shinton, S. A., Hardy, R. R., Shay, T., Regev, A., Cohen, N., Brennan, P., Brenner, M., Kim, F., Rao, T. N., Wagers, A., & 32 othersHeng, T., Ericson, J., Rothamel, K., Kreslavsky, T., Fletcher, A., Elpek, K., Bellemare-Pelletier, A., Malhotra, D., Turley, S., Miller, J., Brown, B., Merad, M., Gautier, E. L., Jakubzick, C., Randolph, G. J., Monach, P., Best, A. J., Knell, J., Goldrath, A., Jojic, V., Laidlaw, D., Collins, J., Gazit, R., Rossi, D. J., Malhotra, N., Sylvia, K., Kang, J., Bezman, N. A., Sun, J. C., Min-Oo, G., Kim, C. C. & Lanier, L. L., Nov 1 2014, In: Journal of Immunology. 193, 9, p. 4485-4496 12 p.

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  • Visceral obesity and insulin resistance associate with CD36 deletion in lymphatic endothelial cells

    Cifarelli, V., Appak-Baskoy, S., Peche, V. S., Kluzak, A., Shew, T., Narendran, R., Pietka, K. M., Cella, M., Walls, C. W., Czepielewski, R., Ivanov, S., Randolph, G. J., Augustin, H. G. & Abumrad, N. A., Dec 2021, In: Nature communications. 12, 1, 3350.

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  • YAP and TAZ maintain PROX1 expression in the developing lymphatic and lymphovenous valves in response to VEGF-C signaling

    Cha, B., Ho, Y. C., Geng, X., Mahamud, M. R., Chen, L., Kim, Y., Choi, D., Kim, T. H., Randolph, G. J., Cao, X., Chen, H. & Srinivasan, R. S., Dec 2020, In: Development (Cambridge). 147, 23, dev195453.

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